Welcome to TheTechnoCafe, a blog started and maintained by Gurleen Sethi. The motivation behind this blog is to produce content in various forms like tutorials, editorials, to help developers and consumers in any shape or form.

My Short Story

Hi, I am Gurleen Sethi, a student on his journey to find the meaning of life and existence. During this journey I got struck by something known as ‘technology’ and got caught into its fascinations. Unwrapping the secrets of this field I use this blog to share my findings and try to help someone who might have been lost in the same. Trying to produce as much content as possible in the little time that I have got, certainly I get hit by the limitations of a human being, but that doesn’t stop me to trying harder.

How I got interested in technology, specifically Software Development?

While most of it was already planned due to the environment I was exposed to, but fortunately I found my aha moment!

Back in 2012 Samsung released their new flagship phone, Galaxy S3. That little device got me into the world of smartphone, although I had already owned some decent smartphones, S3 was something more to me. I got interested in mobile phones and the advancements made by mobile industry during the years of 2012-2014 were like a boon for someone like me. Reading blogs and watching videos that showcased that latest smartphone was my everyday ritual. Somewhere along the line I had the urge to start my own blog and write about these little but powerful machines. So I did the same. At that time I had no idea on how to start a blog, searched online and found something named ‘WordPress’. Got my blog up and ready in a week. I will never forget the feeling of owning a website, its such a joy. I could write my own blogs and publish them for the world to read.

Everything started to fall into place, I started writing about latest news and smartphones, didn’t cared about the amount of visitors my blog generated, that wasn’t my primary focus back then and it still isn’t. But I always had a problem with the design of my website. I never liked the default theme that were provided by WordPress. I used to download external themes and try them out, while some of them provided exceptional functionality, all of them lacked the feeling of complete control that I was looking for. Curiosity grew and I started searching more on these themes, on finding out how these were developed I got hit by three words: HTML, CSS, Javascript. Confused as a child I didn’t kew what these were. So I decided to find more information on these three words. Eventually I landed on a website named Codecademy where I learned basic HTML That website had a course on Python programming, I started and finished that course, at the end of it my brain was tangled with strings of code and I was asking myself one question, “What kind of gibberish was that?”. I was not scared or demotivated, rather I understood much of it, but I couldn’t wrap my head around on what I just saw. That was my first taste of programming, I was hooked. After a few months I joined a college and started Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science. (Back then I used to shut down and start new blog almost every month, but in 2015 I started TheTechnoCafe and decided to stick to it. Still I used to produce content and delete all of it after some time. It was because I was never satisfied with the quality of the content, I always felt I could do better, In 2017 I decided to start fresh not to delete any posts unless necessary)

After 3 years, little to your surprise, I am neither a web nor a python developer but an Android Developer. Its fascinating on how something small like a mobile phone can generate career changing interest. There was something in that smartphone that touched my heart(in technical terms, some amazing human-computer interaction). Having developed many Android applications, it has generated my interest in Software Engineering and Architecture and strangely some in Philosophy, undoubtedly that will be the next fields that I’ll be working in the future.