Welcome to TheTechnoCafe, a blog started and maintained by Gurleen Sethi. The motivation behind this blog is to produce content in various forms like tutorials, editorials, to help developers and consumers in any shape or form.

My Short Story

Hi, I am Gurleen Sethi, a student on his journey to find the meaning of life and existence. During this journey I got struck by something known as ‘technology’ and got caught into its fascinations. Unwrapping the secrets of this field I use this blog to share my findings and try to help someone who might have been lost in the same. Trying to produce as much content as possible in the little time that I have got, certainly I get hit by the limitations of a human being, but that doesn’t stop me to try harder.

Announcing our new blog 🎉 TheDeveloperCafe
TheTechnoCafe will no longer receive new posts, thank you for reading TheTechnoCafe we really appreciate the support. TheDeveloperCafe is our new blog that will not only bring in new content but also new features, we are taking the tutorial game to the next level 😃.